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Hey There, I’m Marta

Motivation Coach & Inner-healing FACILITATOR

I believe that the road to personal joy and professional fulfillment leads through integration of different aspects of YOU and YOUR LIFE. My approach is based on bringing together your true-self and the different roles you play and aligning them into one whole person.

I want to help you integrate your MIND with your SOUL. Your VALUES and BELIEFS with your CAREER. The JOY and FUN with the WORK you do. So that the motivation to take action and be productive is a natural part of your life.

I will guide you through:

  • Unlocking and sustaining your own or your team’s motivation

  • Defining & aligning with your life purpose or career path

  • Integrating and dis-empowering your fear or self-doubt

  • Becoming a great leader for yourself and your team

Sounds like something you’ve been looking for? Let’s Talk!


How TWO Martas became One

The achiever Marta.jpg

See, there are Two Martas… Marta who is a doer and an achiever. One that is a high-performer in a corporate environment. One that can pull off achieving career goals, while managing a large family and continually learning and developing competencies. One that has a damn good plan for the future and successfully ticks off items on her list.

And there’s the other Marta. One that knows how to listen to her heart and be joyfully here and now. One that can access the wisdom and intuition to guide others. One that can connect with people and facilitate their inner-work on a deeper level.

The challenge was that I considered the first Marta as the powerful one. The other Marta was “the weak one” in my own eyes. So I did what I thought was best and tried to keep her quiet. That was a mistake.

You see, the high-performer, “successful” Marta could achieve any goal she set out for herself but she wasn’t feeling happy once the objectives were met. Anxious and always longing for more, she was unable to figure out where to go, as she put her inner-compass in silent mode… Read MORE

The Spiritual Marta.jpg

Does this sound familiar?

If yes, click on a picture that represents a specific problem, and find out what can WE do about it!

“I know I can be a better leader and I’m ready to take action NOW!”

“I have this BIG idea, but it feels like so much work, and I don’t know where to start”

“I want to leave my (corporate) job and follow my DREAM… but it seems impossible”


“I thought I had it all figured out, but I lost it & I don’t know where I’m going”

“What’s my life purpose? I want to find myself and define my way forward”

“How can I “love myself” when I feel like I’m never “good enough”?”

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Spirituality for Down-to-Earth people - Free articles & Videos

Do you want to get to know me & my methodology better? Join the community where I share my learnings and tools and where we undertake growth challenges and support each other on the way.

10 Signs “Spirituality For Down-To-Earth People” Is For You:

  1. Even though you have a pretty good life, you often get a sensation: There must be something more than “THIS”

  2. You are rather Down-to-Earth, yet you feel that some of that “life purpose” and “law of attraction” stuff is pretty interesting and you’d like to figure out if it’s for you.

  3. When you explore mindfulness or spirituality, your “little skeptic” comes up, yet you’re still in some weird way sense that you need some of that stuff in your life

  4. You’re tired of playing all those different roles in your life, and you just want to be YOU. But you don’t know what it truly means or where to start.