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Clients’ Testimonials


Hey There, I’m Marta

Transformational Coach & Motivational Speaker and facilitator

You have a goal or desire that you really want to fulfill, yet you feel as if something is holding you back? May it be fear, self-doubt, procrastination, conflict, belief or a habit. You have tried it all, yet you feel stuck. You can’t seem to get over that limitation inside of yourself or your team.

I am here to help you identify what exactly is holding you or your team back from achieving your highest potential. Together we will prepare a robust plan to get you over that limitation so that the motivation to create, take action and be productive is a natural part of your life.

I will guide you through:

  • Overcoming your limitations of fear, self-doubt, procrastination

  • Unlocking and sustaining your own or your team’s motivation

  • Defining and aligning with your purpose and career path

  • Resolving inner-conflict or conflict within your team

  • Becoming a great leader for yourself and your team

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Does this sound familiar?

If yes, click on a picture that represents a specific problem, and find out what can WE do about it!

“I know I can be a better leader and I’m ready to take action NOW!”

“I have this BIG idea, but it feels like so much work, and I don’t know where to start”

“I want to leave my (corporate) job and follow my DREAM… but it seems impossible”


“I thought I had it all figured out, but I lost it & I don’t know where I’m going”

“What’s my life purpose? I want to find myself and define my way forward”

“How can I “love myself” when I feel like I’m never “good enough”?”