Hello there, I’m Marta!


I believe that each an every human being is unique and has something very special to offer. I am genuinely passionate about unlocking individual & team potential through awakening and sustaining motivation.

I practice that passion through coaching, mentoring, facilitating, motivational speaking, teaching, blogging & broadcasting. I am a radio Co-host, and Co-producer at You’ve Got 5 Options .

I trust that we all have the power and the responsibility to change our lives and make our dreams come true.

My purpose is to help individuals and teams see the silver lining so that they can become the best versions of themselves and get the right things done. I believe that the path leads through the integration of your smart down-to-earth side with the wise spiritual side.

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I am a happily married mother of 3 boys, which on its own proves that I am great in dealing with challenges & making things happen (just check the picture of my kids, “having their moment” :-)). Additionally, I have ten years of experience as a business process specialist, facilitator, motivator & trainer in a large corporation and three years as a problem-solver in a medium company.


On top of that, through coaching & mentoring, I have perfected my skills of setting & achieving goals as an individual and for the benefit of the team. With conscious healing training and NLP, I have deepened the ability to facilitate the process of overcoming limitations, fears and changing patterns of behaviors.

For the last few years, I have been diving into into the topics of motivation, unlocking human potential, overcoming fear, dealing with difficult emotions, reprogramming your brain, and achieving goals.

I am ready to facilitate your journey of becoming one whole person, entrepreneur, leader or whoever you wish to become!


Are you ready To Reach far More?



Check my LinkedIn profile for all the accreditations.

I am a qualified Coach through  The Coaching Academy

I am a qualified Coach through The Coaching Academy