How TWO Martas became One

The achiever Marta.jpg

See, there are Two Martas… Marta who is a doer and an achiever. One that is a high-performer in a corporate environment. One that can pull off achieving career goals, while managing a large family and continually learning and developing competencies. One that has a damn good plan for the future and successfully ticks off items on her list.

And there’s the other Marta. One that knows how to listen to her heart and be joyfully here and now. One that can access the wisdom and intuition to guide others. One that can connect with people and facilitate their inner-work on a deeper level.

The challenge was that I considered the first Marta as the powerful one. The other Marta was “the weak one” in my own eyes. So I did what I thought was best and tried to keep her quiet. That was a mistake.

You see, the high-performer, “successful” Marta could achieve any goal she set out for herself but she wasn’t feeling happy once the objectives were met. Anxious and always longing for more, she was unable to figure out where to go, as she put her inner-compass in silent mode… Read MORE

The Spiritual Marta.jpg