Susanne M. K. Diedrichsen (Specialist, Vestas)

The coaching sessions with Marta have been a real eye-opener to me. The sessions have helped me be more aware of myself and how I come across in different work situations. The sessions have helped me push myself to develop in areas that I at times find difficult to face but at the same time see huge benefits of addressing. Setting tangible goals has also been very effective, especially outside the sessions, to maintain the focus and make actual changes. After the coaching sessions, I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses and how I can work with both to become more confident. The sessions have also helped me see how I may be perceived by others, how I can come across more clear, and how to ensure that people listen to what I have to offer. Marta creates a very positive atmosphere. She is extremely professional and competent and I never get the feeling of being awkward, which is very important for me when opening up on topics that mey be difficult for me to address.