Maria Theodorou (Training Provider) says...

From the outset, Marta demonstrated integrity, intuition and incredible ability to grasp core elements from a cloud of commentary and monologue for me. This was very much a positive and interactive partnership where I was challenged to recognize and build on my strengths. Marta was effective at steering me to explore and push past boundaries and barriers, which I could not see at first. Indeed, the greatest turning point for me was, the coaching session dealing with limiting beliefs. This was the lightbulb moment!

For me, Marta’s evident strength as Coach lay in her ability to maintain a crisp. business like, practical delivery balanced with natural intuitive and empathetic approach. This helped to stay focused, stay on track and push past my boundaries. I found her style of coaching very motivational and inspired me to want to make changes I needed to move closer to the true goals, which were best for me and not the initial ones I thought I wanted to achieve.

Anna Niescieruk