Ok, it’s time To Share. Big Time.

As you are here, looking at this hopefully enjoyable piece of modern writing art (called a blog for some reason), I’d like to share my journey with you- how I went from being a business process specialist at a nice corporation to an inner-work specialist at my own practice.

I’d like to be able to tell you that it was a sky-rocketing adventure, but it was actually more like snail-style slow crawl (or whatever it’s called that snails do).

Even though it took me a while, it has been one hell of a ride for me. Those of you that know me from You’ve got 5 options, won’t be surprised to hear that the story you are about to read, is “the 5 steps journey”. Those of you who have no idea what I am talking about just need to trust me and go take a look at that amazing initiative here (just please make sure that you come back for more :)).

So, here you go: My 5 step journey from business process specialist to an inner-work specialist.

Read, enjoy and get inspired! :)


Step one: The “Holy Moly moment” aka the awakening

The Awakening.png

I’ve been one of those people who has never had a clear vision of who they want to be when they grow up. I did have many ideas, but they’d change frequently as if they were being seen through a kaleidoscope. So I went after the most reasonable choice: I looked into my basic skills and figured out a job that should be pretty enjoyable, challenging enough and easy to get no matter where I live. I didn’t stress too much about not being sure of what I was supposed to do with my life, I assumed that I had to relax and

that mysterious knowledge would just come knocking on my door one day, at the right time.

I met THE ONE and became a mum pretty young and I have enjoyed that journey, so I tried it again, and then once again (I mean the kids part, hubby’s still the same :)). And as I celebrated the Jesus Christ age of 33 and soon after scored a decade on the motherhood count, I woke up one day thinking: “Holy Moly, I still have no idea who I want to be when I grow up”!

I was not in the mood to “sit and wait” any longer. I was already pretty busy with juggling around my many roles: I was a mother, a wife, a high-performing employee, a friend, a daughter a sister…

But for crying out loud, who was I?

Like really, who the heck is Marta? What is my passion? What do I love doing? Why am I really here on planet earth?

This can’t be it, can it?


Step two: The “What the heck do I do now moment” aka the life purpose pursuit

Life Purpose Pursuit.jpg

Not having the slightest idea of what are the answers to those existential questions was driving me crazy. So there was no other way around that, but just to try to figure it out.

I used to like my job, but it was becoming more and more obvious that it’s not really it. I was grateful for good working conditions, flexibility, great manager and colleagues, but thinking about doing that for years to come started to give me a bad stomach feeling.

Something was seriously off-track for me.

I started to do online tests to help me figure out who was I meant to be. As the results varied from a therapist to a ballerina, I didn’t find it largely useful. So I started to read and listen to podcasts. It was entertaining, but still, I was getting no progress, until I bumped into that guy saying something along those lines “People ask me what is their life purpose, and I am like, how would a dude with a website know what’s your life purpose. You already know it”.

Inspired by his work, I started to play a detective. I’ve decided to test the following hypothesis: our true purpose is fulfilled through serving others by doing what brings us joy. I was literally observing myself and noting down which activities bring me joy and which kill my sparkle.

So I was like: “sitting in front of the computer and keying data into the system” - a definite party killer, “talking to people and seeing them gain their motivation back”- a boost of energy- check. I continued noticing how my body language, voice & energy changed as I interacted with others and became a catalyst to their inner change. I figured out that I want to work directly with people.

But what does it mean when it comes to practicalities? Should I try to become a people’s manager? Should I quit my job and start studying psychology? Or maybe go after something like being a motivational speaker? I wasn’t able to find more answers just by thinking about them. Marie Forleo (and Missy Elliot) have come to the rescue…


Step three: The “Work it moment” aka test ride

The"Work It" Moment.png

Since thinking about stuff has failed to deliver the expected results, the time has come to work it (see Marie’s video). But how do you do that if you have a full-time job, three kids to raise and a husband that travels? To be able to do any test drives, I needed to create some space in my life. With a heavy stomach, I went to my boss and asked for a workweek reduction. That was the first step in the right direction.

And it resulted in launching You’ve got 5 options with my best friend. This project has brought me so much fun and the learning curve that I so much needed! I got to try myself out as a blogger, broadcaster, and a motivational speaker.

But I knew I needed to acquire more skills and tools to be able to bring myself and my clients to another level. So I started a Personal Performance Coaching education. Life coaching was another push in the right direction, but I felt there is still more than that for me. That’s how I added Conscious Healing to my curriculum.

Whilst coaching brings great results when it comes to achieving goals and making your dream come true, healing works wonders with being able to improve the way you feel about yourself and others. On the way to fulfilling your potential, you sometimes simply need to go through some deeper inner work. I applied a number of my new skills and tools at work and for the first time, I was evaluated as a high-performer.


Step four: The “Chicken out moment” aka I’m never leaving my comfort zone

Taming Doubts and Fears.png

As I was trying to define what my next step should be, some self-doubt and fear have crept in and I started to question my capability to “make it on my own”. At the same time, since I was able to deliver such great results at my corporate job, I was offered a promotion. I felt appreciated and got a boost of energy. I thought that it doesn’t matter where you work, what matters is what you make out of it. I concluded that I could fulfill my potential by applying

what I’ve learned on my journey of self-discovery in my job as a business process specialist, for the benefit of myself and the colleagues I collaborate with.

It felt safe and easy. This way, I wouldn’t have to leave my comfort zone. I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to my great manager and colleagues and I wouldn’t have to cut off a decent monthly salary, insurance, 6 weeks of vacation, etc.

My manager and I worked out a promotion and a development path that I could follow, and I’ve decided to try it out. I am a freaking ninja of time management and prioritisation, and a work machine, so I could surely manage to combine the full-time job, the family and the passion projects.

If you believe you can make it happen, ain’t it true?

Step five: “The Deep Dive” Aka 5 key Goodbyes and Hellos

Deep dive.jpg

I tried it. I really did. But despite the big effort of trying to make it work at work, more often than not, I was feeling miserable. Additionally, my body has started to revenge for the long hours of work. I wasn’t able to leave my corporate job behind, but I was even less able to leave my passion projects and the activities I truly loved doing. Not to mention that slacking off as a mum & wife was not an option either. A day came, when I just couldn’t make it.

One day my body simply did not want to enter to the office any more. I’ve asked my inner-guidance too many times to show me the direction, to be able to keep it quiet now. I had to admit to myself, that the time has come to move on and make the deep dive. I got inspired by an article I once wrote for You’ve Got 5 Options and I started a process of saying my own goodbyes and hellos. I started by telling goodbye to my manager, then came the colleagues and the company that I have worked for for almost a decade. And I begun to say hello to new challenges of becoming an entrepreneur and my own boss at my Coaching & Healing Practice. And that’s where I’m at. Bringing my true passion into service of helping and inspiring fellow humans :-).