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I tend to beat myself up when things go wrong. I often feel like a failure, an under-achiever and a disappointment to myself and everyone around me.

I see those people who enjoy life and I wonder how they do it.

I don’t know how to get to that state of mind but I do know I want to live this way too.

I want to learn how to accept myself, love myself and feel empowered.


We can work together to…

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This offer is for you if you experience negative self-talk, you believe that you are not good enough, or you tend to beat yourself up.

Through conscious healing and with use of NLP, you’ll be able to move into supportive inner narrative and a loving relationship with yourself and others.


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…And We can do it Through:

Individual healing sessions

During coaching sessions we work on your goals, dreams and empowering you to take actions. During conscious healing sessions we work on lifting your fears, self-doubt, mind-chatter and creating a supportive inner reality.

After our first meeting, we will decide what type of sessions do you truly need in order to reach a breakthrough

program inner bootcamp reach far more

Have you tried it all and you are fed up with not making any progress? It could be that you need a program that is designed especially for you.

With a right mix of coaching and healing sessions, workshops and daily sparring I can help you to reach a breakthrough you always dreamt of!