What is Spirituality for Down-to-earth People?

Spirituality for Down-to-earth People is the space for connecting with fellow humans who want - just like me - to bring more meaning into their down-to-earth life.

Join me as I test-drive different spiritual practices & methods and share my progress with YOU!

Hesitant? Check below if you are one of us and join today!


10 signs that Spirituality for down-to-earth people is for you:

10 signs.jpg

Even though you have a pretty good life, you often get a sensation:

There must be something more than “THIS”

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You are rather Down-to-Earth,

yet you feel that some of that “life purpose” and “law of attraction” stuff is pretty interesting

and you’d like to figure out if it’s for you.

10 signs.jpg

When you explore mindfulness or spirituality,

your “little skeptic” comes up,

yet you’re still in some weird way sense that you need some of that stuff in your life

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You’re tired of playing all those different roles in your life,

and you just want to be YOU.

But you don’t know what it truly means or where to start. 

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You want to learn how to integrate

the Down-to Earth YOU with the spiritual YOU

10 signs.jpg

You are often asking yourself this question:

Who the hell am I?

10 signs.jpg

…Which is often followed by another question…

And why on earth have I been sent… on earth?

10 signs.jpg

You are actually on the spiritual path already,

you are discovering what your life purpose is

but you don’t know how to apply it in your down to earth life

10 signs.jpg

You’re trying to figure out how to bring more meaning

into your work, business or life in general

10 signs.jpg

Your heart is telling you that you should follow your passion

and you have tried to overcome the fear of leaving your current life behind, but you haven’t managed to get there yet.

And you need new inspiration.


I am a pretty down-to-earth person who loves challenges! I am also someone who loves doing things together with others.

I have this idea that we can challenge each other and at the same time support & inspire each other on our journeys of bringing more meaning into our lives.

What does it mean in practice?

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Why did I start this Movement?

I’ve started Spirituality for Down-to-Earth People because I believe that this is a fun way to learn & grow together. On my two years’ journey of trying to figure out what I should do when I grow up, I discovered how difficult it is to add more meaning to your life when you exist in this pretty down-to-earth reality.

I believe we are all destined for greatness, but we have a lot of stuff we have to work through on our way there. The journey of self-discovery and alignment with our purpose is fascinating and important. And difficult in this down-to-earth reality.

That’s precisely why I want to share my experiences and invite you to join me so that we can step into a more meaningful and joyful life together.